AIRSIM – Travel Simcard

60.00 RM

Purchase of AIRSIM & Data Package

  1.  If you do not have AIRSIM yet, we will send you one AIRSIM when you purchase a prepaid card on our website. Using AIRSIM ROAM Mobile App to purchase a data package.
  2. You can purchase the data package from AIRSIM ROAM Mobile App. Simply select the destination, effective date, duration and then pay by credit card, PayPal or prepaid value in your account. When you arrive at the destination, simply insert the AIRSIM card into your mobile phone and the data package will take effect immediately.
  3. If you cannot find the corresponding data package days that fit your travel period, we suggest you select a data package with a longer period. So that your user experience will not be affected by the time difference of different countries.
  4. You can top up your AIRSIM by Credit Card or PayPal. The prepaid value can be utilized to purchase any of the data packages within the amount.
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With just one AIRSIM card, you can enjoy data service in more than 100 regions.
No more expensive roaming charges and wasting time looking for places to buy local SIM cards in overseas.

is a special SIM card combines Soft and Over-the-AIR (OTA) technologies. When you are using AIRSIM abroad, our system will assign a suitable SIM card to your AIRSIM according to your location. The process takes about 3 minutes only, and you can have access to the internet. You do not need to pay the expensive roaming charge, or spend time on buying local SIM cards.

AIRSIM is reusable, if you have purchased the suitable data package for your destination before the journey, you can enjoy the data service immediately upon your arrival. Simply with one AIRSIM card, you can enjoy data service in more than countries.

Contact Us and we’ll explain the details procedure to you 🙂