Booking Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions agreed and accepted by Tour Members:


   1.1  Acceptance of Booking

All bookings requested will be confirmed and inform by Travel Hub Sdn Bhd within five (5) Malaysian business days.


All rates are quoted in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), unless otherwise specified.Please refer to Travel Hub Sdn Bhd when making payment for the prevailing market rate for foreign currency payment. Travel Hub Sdn Bhd reserves the right to change the conversion rate

​   2.1  Change of Prices

All prices quoted are correct at the time of printing. In the event a service provider increases its prices to Travel Hub Sdn Bhd during this contract, Travel Hub Sdn Bhd reserves the right to increase the prices under this contract.

   2.2  Sales and Service Tax (SST)

The Malaysian Government has announced that it applies Sales and Service Tax (SST). Therefore, rates quoted in this shall be subjected to the new SST when it comes into force.


   3.1  Tour package contained herein are repackaged by TRAVEL HUB SDN BHD (the Company) , covenants to include in the tour fare:

    a)   Scheduled return economy class flight air ticket, which is non- refundable and non- negotiable. Airport taxes, fuel surcharges and visa fees do not form part of the tour fare and it should be borne by the passenger. The Company is only acting as an agency to collect the above charges therefore it is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the respective authorities.

    b)   Accommodation is based on half twin-sharing basis for adults. Child fare is based on child aged 2 and above but below 12 years old during departure date as third person in twin or double room of two adults without any extra bed. Child occupies half-twin, to apply surcharge. Please refer to our sales consultants pertaining to charges for Infants below 2 years old during departure date.

    c)   Hotel accommodation offer is based on lowest category of the hotel unless stated. Another hotel or room of the same or higher category shall be proposed to tourist without any extra payment.

    d)   All meals, sightseeing and other items as specified in the itinerary.

    e)   Check-in and hand carry luggage regulated as per Airline’s terms and conditions.Travel Hub Sdn Bhd reserves the right to collect payment directly from the clients for any additional costs (including transportation costs) incurred for excess luggage.

​   3.2 Tour Price Does Not Include

    a)   Flight tickets (ground arrangement only product), airport tax, tips to porter, bellman, hotel maids or local guides; items of personal nature such as laundry, telephone calls, excess baggage fees and meals (unless specified in the itineraries); daily parking fees at hotel and any other items not specifically mentioned as included will be borne by the client directly.

    b)   Single Supplement must be paid when a person is traveling alone, by choice or circumstance.

    c)   Extension stay is in request and subject to Airline ticketing conditions with applicable surcharges. Extension of stay/ deviation may be permitted at the end of the tour, subject to maximum validity and restriction of air ticket, seat confirmation and availability of hotel prior to commencement of tour. It is the passenger's responsibility to hold firm confirmation for his/her return flight. When extension of stay/ deviation cannot be confirmed 16 days prior to group's departure date, passenger is deemed to be taking the original flight schedule. All extra costs incurred to process the extension e.g. administration fees, will be borne by the Tour Member.


   a)  Normal Priced Tour refers to tours selling at normal price not qualify for any form of promotion offered.

   b)  Promotional Priced Tour refers to tour selling during promotion period

   c)  Guaranteed Departure Tour refers to tours on confirmed status


Deposits must be paid upon reservation with the following payment schedule:

South East Asia Countries, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China

  • Normal Priced Tours : Deposit RM800/per person  |  Full Payment (per person)- 35 days prior departure date

  • Promotional Priced Tours : Deposit- 50% of the tour fare |  Full Payment (per person)- 60 days prior departure date

  • Guaranteed Departure Tours : Deposit- 50% of the tour fare |  Full Payment (per person)- 60 days prior departure date

Europe, Americas, Turkey, Africa, Middle Eastern Countries, Africa, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand

  • Normal Priced Tours : Deposit RM1500/per person  |  Full Payment (per person)- 35 days prior departure date

  • Promotional Priced Tours : Deposit- 50% of the tour fare |  Full Payment (per person)- 60 days prior departure date

  • Guaranteed Departure Tours : Deposit- 50% of the tour fare |  Full Payment (per person)- 60 days prior departure date


   6.1  Services providers such as hotels, carriers, restaurant contractors or any other companies related to the services provided may charge cancellation, amendments and/or no show fees depending on the situation and/or circumstances. When they levy such charges, these charges will be billed to agent through Travel Hub Sdn Bhd. Travel Hub Sdn Bhd cannot be held responsible for charges incurred due to unforeseen circumstances.

   6.2 Cancellation Schedule

Tour Cancellation fees will be imposed as follows from the date of oversea tour departure:

  • Normal Priced Tours :

Forfeiture of deposit – over 35 business days​

75% of tour fare - 16 to 34 business days

100% of tour fare – 35 business days and below

  • Promotional Priced Tours/ Guaranteed Departure Tours :

Forfeiture of deposit – over 60 business days​

75% of tour fare - 35 to 59 business days

100% of tour fare – 34 business days and below

Tour Cancellation fees will be imposed as follows from the date of local tour departure:

  • Days before Arrival Date  | Cancellation Charges :

  1. Over 10 days business days - Forfeiture of deposit​

  2. Less than 10 business days - 50% of the total Invoice amount

  3. Less than 05 business days - 100% of the total Invoice amount

  6.3 Travel Hub Sdn Bhd must be notified in writing of any cancellation by electronic mail or letter with supportive document. A notice is only considered to have been served provided that an acknowledgement and acceptance by Travel Hub Sdn Bhd is obtained. If the company receives notice to cancel 35 days or more before the date of departure, a minimum administrative fee of RM30.00 or 2% of the tour fare (whichever is higher) per person will be levied.

  6.4  "No Show"

In the event a client is a "No Show", no refund in full or in part will be given for services in the programme not utilized.


  7.1 Tour’s Itinerary

The outline itineraries given are statements of intent rather than promises. Local conditions - weather, events, festivals or a host of other uncontrollable factors can mean a change in the tour itinerary. It is with this in mind that we reserve the right to change any of the listed services and, if necessary, even modify the itinerary itself at short notice. Where this happens, the tour leader/guide/driver will decide the best alternative.

  7.2 Closures

We will not be held responsible for any closures or curtailments in circumstances beyond our control. No refunds are provided for route/programme variations. 

  7.3 Cancellation

We can cancel any tour and excursion we sell without prior notice for reasons such as maintenance, bad weather or insufficient group size. Excursions may also be subject to minimum/maximum numbers of people participating. The decision of the Company shall be final and conclusive, and no liabilities whatsoever shall be incurred by the Company for such cancellation. All monies paid toward booking fees shall be refunded on cancellation due to insufficient group size.

  7.4 Photographs

The tour descriptions include pictures and activities of wildlife which may be seen during the excursions, but there is no guarantee of sightings due to factors beyond our control, for example: inclement weather.

  7.5 Printing Descriptions and conditions are correct in the brochure/flyer is correct to the best of the company’s knowledge at the time of print. The company reserves the right to alter the itineraries and/or substitute services with or without prior notice as a result of circumstances beyond our control or if it is deemed to be in the best interests of all parties concerned. In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese translation of the information, the English version shall prevail.


  8.1 We also shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss of or damage to baggage or personal belongings during the tour

  8.2 Flight timing and Schedules are not guaranteed and do not form part of the contract. They are subject to change at the insistence of the Aviation or Government Authorities for the Tour member's safety, security and other reasons. Neither the Company nor the Carrier concerned will accept liability for reasons of flight cancellations, delays or diversions that is not within its control.

  8.3 Passport Validity: All Tour Members must personally ensure that their passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of return from the tour.

  8.4 Visa Application: All Tour Members are encouraged to process their own visa. Assistance is offered by the Company but approval cannot be guaranteed. The Company cannot be held liable for any loss of passport due to any reason whatsoever including without limitations, negligence on the part of our employees, agents and servants.

  8.5 Travel Insurance: All Tour Members are recommended to purchase a travel insurance scheme. If the Tourist concludes the agreement with the insurance company by his own forces, he shall be obliged to provide the Tour Operator with a duly authorized copy of the agreement which shall be attached to the booking form.

  8.6 Travel Hub Sdn Bhd acts only as agents for transportation companies, hotels, car rentals and all other contractors/suppliers and finalizes all arrangements upon the expressed condition that it shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, inadvertent errors in booking, delays generally or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of any defect in any vehicle, vessel or aircraft or through the acts or defaults, of any company or person engaged in conveying or accommodating passengers or in the carrying out of arrangements of the ground content, tours or otherwise in connection with its operations. To protect you and Travel Hub Sdn Bhd , we require all clients to be adequately insured against the above-mentioned liabilities.

  8.7 Travel Hub Sdn Bhd will not be responsible for any additional expenses incurred by the client/s as a result of the foregoing causes over which it has no control, such as war, civil disturbance, fire, floods, unusually severe weather, acts of God or Government, broken machinery or equipment required as part of client/s' itinerary, or unavoidable events that caused the clients' itinerary unenforceable.

  8.8 Difficult and uncooperative Tour Members whose act and conduct are unreasonable and detrimental to the enjoyment, interest, well-being and safety of the other Tour Members and the smooth-running of the tour in general will be dealt with by the Tour Manager. The Tour Manager may require the difficult Tour Members to leave the tour and his/ her decision in this respect is final and conclusive. The Company will not refund any uncompleted part of the tour.

  8.9 The Company's Tour package and personnel are NOT required to cater and/ or provide for the needs and/ or requirements of disabled/ handicapped individuals (including and not limited to individuals with sight, speech, hearing and mobility disabilities) and for the needs and/ or requirements of individuals suffering from any and all medical conditions. The Company strongly urges all intending passengers/ tour members to equip themselves with all special care and/or needs that they may require. The Company shall not be responsible for the above concerns in any manner whatsoever.

  8.10 Replacement passengers are subject to airlines' seat availability and additional surcharge and handling fee may be imposed for each replacement passenger.

  8.11  Notwithstanding the place or country in which a course of action arises, it is expressly agreed hereto that all causes of actions shall at all times be commence within the jurisdiction and territory of Malaysia.

  8.12 Commencement of service will signify acceptance of the above conditions and responsibilities outlined.


  9.1 Any term, condition, stipulation, provision, covenant or undertaking in these General Terms and Conditions which is illegal, void, prohibited or unenforceable shall be ineffective only to the extent of such illegality, void ness, prohibition or unenforceability without invalidating the whole such term, condition, stipulation, provision, covenant or undertaking or affecting the validity or enforceability thereof and any such illegality, void ness, prohibition or unenforceability shall not invalidate or render illegal, void or unenforceable any other term, condition, stipulation, provision, covenant or undertaking herein contains.